Specialized Production of Tension Control, DC Motor Drive & Edge Position Control

Euntay Electric Co., Ltd. was built in 1988, she accumulates rich production experience of system control; The major business is the industrial specialized controller’s research and innovation,

Euntay Electric Co., Ltd. holds a concept of “System Control Modularization, Digitization”, specialized in the design and production for transmission speed control system of industry machinery and DC Motor Drive, especially in artificial leather machinery, paper machinery, dye machinery, wire drawing machinery for the wire of copper, iron and stainless, machinery of steel plate and reinforcing bar, printing machine, chemical fiber machinery…etc., there are many successful installation cases of control equipment, and our customers are found everywhere in Taiwan, China, South Asia and around the world.

Euntay Electric Co., Ltd. focuses at “tension control system” of transmission equipments, developing series of unwinding tension control, link constant tension control, winding tension control for linking speed synchronously. Euntay “Tension Control System” products utilize single chip software technology, bringing the products digitalized function into full play adequately, overcome the barrier of traditional analog adjustment being obscure record, let the application technology of system control be simple, decreasing the cost of system control very much, owing to control’s accuracy and digitalization convenience, it reduce the error of manual operation, advancing the products to be stable in the production line.

Euntay Electric Co., Ltd. develops digital dc motor drive successfully at the part of dc motor control system, it becomes the major control way of mechanical speed variation, replacing analog circuit control. Digital DC Motor Drive is generously applied to paper machinery, steel plate machinery for rolling, cutting; drawing machinery of steel, aluminum, copper, stainless; textile fiber machinery; plastic material inflation machine; calender…etc.

Euntay produces “Digital DC Motor Drive”, which uses microcomputer as control center, it makes control’s precision be higher and the application range is wider. The specification and control mode of “Digital DC Motor Drive” could be programmed (In comparison, analog drive must be tailor-made design, and it is more difficult than digital dc motor drive), because its control performance is outstanding, more durable, price is competitive, digital dc motor drive are applied to the industry generously.

Euntay Electric Co., Ltd. is cooperated with the requirement of industry, and also develop related products at the same time, like IR detecting “Edge Position Control System”, “ Hydraulic Edge Position Controller”, “Tiny Gap Controller”…etc, offering complete solution for all the related industry.

EUNTAY has held the management maxim of『 Customer is Supreme、Technology is in the Lead、Quality First 』to service for corporation for a long time, and establishes her fame as a professional Industrial Automation Company in the industry of Taiwan. We will work with an attitude of double efforts, continues to research and develop in industrial control products, providing greater products and service on industrial machinery automation.

EPC performance introduction
EPC running live show
EPC assembly figure
Setting Machine’s fabric entry
  guiding device assembly example
Illuminative Sensor EPS-5051
Illuminative Sensor EPS-5042
Illuminative Sensor EPS-506
Reflective Sensor EPS-623-SD
Reflective Sensor EPS-607
Reflective Sensor EPS-601
Joy Stick Sensor EPS-701
Central detection & Converter WBCIP
Joy Stick Sensor EP-10
Photoelectric-Reflective Sensor
Photoelectric-Illuminative Sensor
Photoelectric-Reflective Sensor
Driving Controller EPD-335
Driving Controller EPD-58LR
Driving Controller DSD-65A
Driving Controller AMP-1151
On-Off Controller AMP-232
Driving Motor EPM-10
Driving Device EPM-52
Driving Device EPM-200
Oil Hydraulic Driving Complex
Double Loop Oil Hydraulic Driving
   Controller EPD-215-AM
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