Since “Digital DC Motor Drive” had been successfully developed in the 80s, it becomes the main variable speed system of machinery and replaces the past way of analog control circuit; the applications are more widespread than before.

Digital DC Motor Drive are constantly applied to paper machinery; steel plate machinery for rolling, cutting; drawing machinery of steel, aluminum, copper, stainless; textile fiber machinery;

plastic material inflation machine; calender…etc., because the control of digital dc motor drive is accurate and convenient, it is applied to the industry generally.

Owing to “Digital DC Motor Drive” uses microcomputer as control center, it makes control’s precision be higher and the application range is much wider than before. The specification and control mode of “Digital DC Motor Drive” could be programmed (In comparison, analog dc drive can't be programmed easily and it is difficultly applied to different brand of dc motors),because Digital DC Motor Drive's control performance is outstanding, more durable, price is competitive, digital dc motor drive are used generally.
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