High Stability : Integrated IC circuit,high stability, precision detection position.
High Temperature Allowable :Apply under 0℃ ~ 50℃ ambiance temperature without affecting the function.
Multi-Functions : Regardless the detected object of transparent, black matted or black textile without loaing the accuracy.
High Sensitivity : Employed electronic components for detection and will not affected by the surrounding light source, highly sensitivity.

Projector Section

Ligh Source

LED (infrared range)

Light Source Frequency

5KHZ ± 3%

Projection Diameter

Dianeter 3mmx4

Light Receiving Portion

Light Receiving

Photoelectric receiver

Type Of Light Receiving

Direct Receiving Of Reflected Light

Rang Of Light Receiving

Dianeter 3mmx6 ( 30mm )

Control Portion

Detected Signal Output


Respond Speed

10 ms

Detection Range

± 12 mm


± 12 VDC 200 mA

Ambiance Temperature

0℃ TO +50℃

Applicable Control PANEL

EPD - 58

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