High Stability : Integrated IC circuit,high stability, precision detection position.
High Temperature Allowable :Apply under 0℃ ~ 50℃ ambiance temperature without affecting the function.
Multi-Functions : Regardless the detected object of transparent, black matted or black textile without loaing the accuracy.
High Sensitivity : Employed electronic components for detection and will not affected by the surrounding light source, highly sensitivity.

Projector Section

Ligh Source

LED (infrared range)

Light Source Frequency

5KHZ ± 3%

Projection Diameter

Diameter 3mmx17

Light Receiving Portion

Light Receiving

Photoelectric receiver

Type Of Light Receiving

Direct Receiving Of Reflected Light

Rang Of Light Receiving

Diameter 3mmx12(30mm) 

Control Portion

Detected Signal Output


Respond Speed

10 ms

Detection Range

± 10 mm


± 12 VDC 200 mA

Ambiance Temperature

0℃ TO +50℃

Applicable Control PANEL

EPD - 58LR

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