The Principle of Tension Control:
Using a couple of load cell of the roller, transferring the material pressure of roller into electric signal, and pass it to tension controller, through by signal process like logic comparison, integral and differential computation, signal amplification…etc. output signal to dynamic control elements like magnetic powder clutch, magnetic powder brake, servo motor drive, torque motor, dc motor drive…etc. It could automatically control the material like film, paper on the production equipments to keep in the status of stable or constant tension always in the process of unwinding and rewinding.

The Application of Tension Control:
Tension Control is mainly applied to the production of paper, film, rubber, fiber, foil…etc. these materials need an automatic control system, which could keep stable tension or tension is under controllable condition in the unwinding at processing procedure, or in the rewinding at the central guiding transmission. When the materials are in the procedure of unwinding, rewinding or central guiding, the variation of tension of materials will follow the variation of roll’s diameter,

or, owing to the reason of single motor transmission in the central guiding procedure, different roller’s diameter will lead to the variation of tension, therefore, the system must keep tension constant for avoiding that materials will have the state of cockle, slack, deviation, which are conducted by the variation of material diameter, thickness, or the rotation speed error of roller.

Digital Tension Controller of Euntay Electric Co., Ltd. uses microcomputer technology and put the program of Artificial Intelligence into the chip, it utilizes two sets of load cell to detect the material pressure, translating to electric signal, and feedback to signal process unit for signal process, it will check whether the tension produced in the production meet the tension set by system or not, and control the tension to be equal to the setting target, it will make product match the requirement of quality in production.
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