TC-2060 High Performance Automatic Tension Controller is designed for the application of tension control for high speed rewinding or unwinding of roll, it has the function of procedure control which can satisfy the requirements of the process of changing shaft for different materials.

The function of unwinding, central proportional link and rewinding can be set by an internal thumb switch.

It contains the function of digital type line speed proportional link control, which could hold the tension stable in the process of line speed from start, acceleration, deceleration, to stop.

Multi-level P.I.D control could make the speed stable fast in the variation of speed.

LED phonemics display with large screen and high brightness, could indicate “Kg.M/min....” by the selection of “SRC” parameter.

It has 4 rows of LED display, which can monitor 4 sets of data simultaneously.

There are two terminals, which accept external analog signal input; it can be programmed as “automatic tension” setting, “manual tension” setting and “taping tension” setting.

There are two terminals, which accept external digital signal input, it can be programmed as an auxiliary function in the process of changing shaft or enabling the “STOP” commend.

It can select multi-kinds of taping tension curve.

It has a special function of Reverse P.I.D calculation (It means that the input decreases, the output will rise in proportion), cooperating with Servo Controller, and offers feed-in function automatically.

It contains a set of DC24V / 5A output, which can directly control magnetic powder clutch.

It has two sets of output signal which can control the speed of drive and the commend of current.

It has function of RS485 communication, which can be controlled to connect PLC, Human Interface and Industrial PC.

The output of terminal, DC 0 – 10V, can directly control Torque Controller, Current-Control Mode Vector Inverter, DC Motor Controller, Servo Motor Drive.

It could work with Euntay LMS series tension detectors; detecting range is from 5kg to 400kg(50NM - 4000NM).

Rated Spec.


Power Supply AC 220V 50 / 60 HZ
Surge Current 28A
Power Consumption 300VA
Ambient Temperature 0 ℃~40 ℃
Ambient Humidity


Weight 3.0kg
Installation Way Floor Mounted
Wall Mounted
Panel-Inserted Mounted
Contact Output Low Tension or Abnormal Status One set of Output
High Tension of Up Limit DC30V 0.2A / AC 220V 0.2A
Detector Input LMS-005 / LMS-015 / LMS-030 /
LMS-050 / LMS-100 / LMS-200 /
External Signal Input Pulse Input /
Diameter Calculation
3.0KHz max. Input Impedance5KΩ
Line Speed Signal DC 0 -10V Input mpedance20KΩ
Tension Setting
Taper Tension Setting
Other Detector Input DC 0 -10V Input mpedance20KΩ
*Without use of LMS Load Cell series
Winding Speed / Diameter Value DC 0 -10V Input mpedance20KΩ
*Select one
Contact Input Acceleration Compensation

Input Impedance 20KΩ

Deceleration Compensation
Roller Switching
Retention Input
Tension Setting Selection
Output ON / OFF
Abnormal Reset
Start for Running  
Control Output Magnetic Powder Clutch( two sets) DC 0 - 24 V / 5A
(Control Output)
DC 0 - 24 V / 3A
(Changing Roller Output)
Speed Signal DOC - 10V
New Roller’s Torque Signal DOC - 10V
Torque Signal DC + / - 0 10V or 4~ 20 mA
Tension Signal DOC - 10V
Communication Link RS485
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