TC-2050/TC-2050P is designed for multi-purpose web tension controls. It combined the function of TC-2010 and TC-2030, and can be applied for different applications of web tension control in a whole materials processing control line.
The function of unwinding, central proportional link and rewinding can be set by an internal thumb switch.

It contains the function of digital type line speed proportional link control, which could hold the tension stable in the process of line speed from start, acceleration, deceleration, to stop.

Multi-level P.I.D control could make the speed stable fast in the variation of speed.

LED phonemics display with large screen and high brightness, could indicate “Kg.M/min....” by the selection of “SRC” parameter.

The function of parameter can be indicated by symbols, which are the abbreviation of English strings, it is easy to operate without reading the instruction manual again.

The LED display can indicate the state of running “RUN”; the function of central proportional link “CENTER”; the function of unwinding or rewinding “WINDER”; the detector is abnormal “SENSOR”; the error or alarm state “ERROR”.

The terminal offers one set of pulse signal, which could be as the input calculation signal of diameter value.

The input signal of line speed accepts the analog signal of DC 0-10V.

There are two sets of digital multi-function contact, which can be programmed for the compensation of acceleration or deceleration.

The terminal offers Output signal of DC 0-10V as the display of real tension.

It contains communication function of RS-485, can connect to PLC, Human Interface, Industrial PC for control.

The output signal DC 0-10V of terminal could directly control Torque Controller, Current-Control Mode Vector Inverter, DC Motor Controller, Servo motor Drive.

It could work with Euntay LMS series tension detectors; detecting range is from 5kg to 400kg(50NM - 4000NM).

Output Control model Center guide / Winder / Un-winder
Analogue output DC0~+10V / 4~20mA DC0~+10V / 4~20mA
Input Detector input LMS-005 / LMS-015 / LMS-030 / LMS-050 / LMS-100 / LMS-200
Installation ‧ Wall Mounting
‧ Flat Surface Mounting
‧ Ground Mounting
Function ‧ Display Type:2Rows x 5Characters of LED
‧ Tension Display:0.1~1999kgf
‧ Indicator:kgf unit, it means Auto / Manual,Central Guide,Winding Indication,Detector Indication
‧ Other Set:Start,Stop,Taper,Output,Mechanical Loss Gain,Autozero.Span,Autogain
‧ Numeral Set:△/ ▽ key
‧ Tension SET:△/ ▽ key
‧ Parameter SET:△/ ▽ key
Environments Ambient
0℃ ~ 40℃
80%RH 以下
Vibration 10~55Hz 0.5mm(Max. 0.5G)
Stand Voltage AC1500V 1 Minute
GROUNDING The third kind of grounding method (The Neutral Line of 3 Φ 4W Power is connected with the case of device to “Earth” )
Corroded Gas、DUST and Rainwater are prohibited
Weight ~ 2.0kg ~ 2.7kg
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